Parent Comments

Many families have given feedback to help improve the SwimAbilities program.

Some of the comments that have been received include:

“I am extremely happy with you and your staff and the program in general.”

“I was very impressed with Laura and the other staff.  I felt comfortable talking to them.  I look forward to putting my son back in the program for the spring session.”

“Had fun, has learned a few movements.”

“This program has provided an additional skill for our son that has improved his enjoyment of his life and has provided a greater level of safety around water.”

“Confidence has improved, endurance and swimming skills are vastly improved.”

“Excellent program-we appreciate the committed leadership who have such skills in dealing with children who have special needs.  Thank you!”

“My child enjoys the water and he is very close to starting to swim by himself.”

“Great program. Thanks!”

“Really like this programme because the instructors push our kids to a higher level so they actually learn to swim instead of just ‘liking being in the water.'”

“This is a wonderful program that should be expanded.”

“Very excellent program (except the timing!!!)”

“The success of this program reflects the substantial skill and commitment of the instructor and volunteers.”

“Ensuring such skill, commitment and understanding about the swimming and learning needs of children with disabilities is critical; hence this program is a great success!”

“My child has benefited tremendously. e.g. increased buoyancy in the water in floating, putting ears and eyes in water, kicking, increased confidence and enjoyment in the water.”

“Great program.”